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Suddenly I realized that I was attracted to urban photography during a trip to Buenos Aires. Returning from this journey, I bought an appropriate camera and began to do urban photography, casting beautiful perspectives, impressive architectures, amazing lights and urban landscapes of Lyon.

Then I moved to Brussels and the atmosphere of this city invited me to make more intense sets. In addition to the urban images, I was attracted by Urbex photography. I was fascinated by the melancholy and romanticism I could feel in the face of factories, abandoned hospitals and cities, ruins, and so on.

But something was missing and I wanted to create something more personal, less realistic, merging the urban landscape with the emotions of people. It led me to Urban Collages/montages something between photography and painting.

My Urban Collages actually use the same process as traditional collages, but using a computer instead of glue and paper, I crop up my black and white images to get single items that I mix to get my final image. I am interested in the interaction between people and the city, it is finally a dialogue between them. The urban landscape is also an interpretation of the characters' thoughts.


For "Tourism", I wanted to show that we will have to deal with the flood. All the characters are real tourists whom I have placed in imaginary urban landscapes that represent a possible future. They visit the remains of our world.

For "Street", I was inspired by the famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich: Wanderer above the sea of fog. I inserted some characters in a parallel city that I often crossed in my neighborhood. The landscape around the characters is an interpretation of what this character could feel.


street 1
street 2
street 3


tourism 1
tourism 3
tourism 2


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