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I am mainly inspired by my environnement, specially that of the wood. Most of the time I draw animals, I find the feelings which we find with them is more asserted, more cutting, and their coats.
I can spend hours on my drawings as on the contrary to realize sketches on the deep, everything depends on my humor but in everything the cases I stay in monochrome tints, I prefer the search(research) for the perfect "weft", has that of the color certainly because I am an enthusiast of engravings. Varying medium, I venture at present on the feather and the India ink. If I began has to draw very young with my lead pencils in my room the poker-work it arrived much later on a project of plastic arts. i started ther are 4 years ago , my first try was not very good .. but I found the very interesting technique and I persevered! I find that the wood brings highly-rated one noble, authentic one. In parallel, music is also an element important to the creation, I listen to it all the time when I draw the one does not go without the other one! At the moment I listen to Pink Floyd, to the blow I begin to draw whales in the space ..

serie whale

serie owl

Serie mountain

serie full moon

serie drawing

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