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DUSE Fleckeri

Rouge oeil - DUSE FLECKERI
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       I started to compose a year ago, thanks to a friend who had already launched his soundcloud. I began my first tests and although imperfect, I persevered.
Today I am always looking for the kind of sound that best for me and that is why I am using different "styles". You can discover my work on my Soundcloud: / Fleckeri

For my inspiration, most of the time, I am behind my synthesizer to try all the instruments of my software. The inspiration comes later but can't wait a few days. 

I present here my last creation in cooperation with Vigarte for the mix and some meticulous arrangements. The melody came to me by tugging and the rest followed.
I had already written the refrain in English which allowed me to write around this subject that was important to me.

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