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     Since 8 years, i have been producing electronic music with a lot of activity in parallel. I experimented Street-art, hand drawing, video and actually writing. Many thing makes that i'm not has productif has i would but i'm doing my best to go forward.

      My singularity is that i'm masked. I want to keep my personal identity secret because of different reason. First of all, the mask is the best way to create a whole world and a particular universe. This is what i'm trying to show with my music. To be anonymous allows me to take a step back, for example, when i'm doing a live performance, the mask (called Starmask) build a wall between me and the public. This is not about to be shy or something but i like the way i'm feeling when i'm masked, i'm free to be Creos. 

I'm actually producing a new Ep which will be out during 2017 i hope. Like always, my new production will be different to the other but i'm trying to keep a common thread, something to fit with my character. The way i'm producing or composing is quite long... 


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Several times rewarded, the artist wins the first place on the metapop poduim. According to the artist it is: "the perfect example of the differences of production that I can have according to the periods.I present this remix because in the end, it is a little special ... First, I learned today ( Day of the writing of this ticket) that he was laureate of a contest of remix on the label MetaPop "


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