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Come discover a part of  TANTRIST's work who defines it himself likes "A continuation of small chronicles, mini stories without pretentions, in the form of cartoon. The idea is to find reasons to practice. Nevertheless, the aim is, in the future, that it is the comic strip that accompanies the narration. Having stories to tell, in fact !"

BD1 - Un TRAIT grand jour
BD2 - Ego Strip p1
BD2 - Ego Strip p2
BD3 - Bulles en chantier p1
BD3 - Bulles en chantier p2
BD4 - Choc Hot p1
BD4 - Choc Hot p2
BD4 - Choc Hot p3
BD4 - Choc Hot p4
BD5 - Instincts Primaires p1
BD5 - Instincts Primaires p2
BD5 - Instincts Primaires p3
BD5 - Instincts Primaires p4 colo

you can find the TANTRIST's work on :  

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